MileOne Group… thinking about tomorrow

At MileOne Group, we focus on the first mile of your food and menu development project, serving innovative catering solutions into the travel sectors. We combine current trends and operational efficiencies to deliver the best bespoke food and supply chain solution for you and your customers on a global yet locally sourced scale.

Tailored Catering, Sustainably Delivered..."tree-free"

We know that being sustainable is not always as easy as the marketeers let you beleive it is.  However, we know we can all do better and under our “MilesBetter” mindset, we ensure that with everythign we do we will always try to do better when it comes to thinking first about our environement and a more sustainable and “tree free” solution.  

From ambient snack bags to bespoke breakfast boxes, our commitment to compostable packaging and ethical sourced “tree free” sugarcane packaging, is designed to impress your customers and protect our planet. 

Join us on a journey towards a greener, tastier tomorrow…