MileOne Group: Commitment to Eco-Friendliness

Commitment to Eco-Friendliness
At MileOne Group, sustainability is integral to our business ethos. Guided by deliberate choices, innovative practices, and a dedication to preserving the environment for future generations, here’s how we actively contribute to a greener tomorrow:

Sustainable Packaging Solutions
Our packaging philosophy is clear and straightforward: it must benefit the planet as much as it does our customers. Opting for sugarcane-based materials for our boxes and bags allows us to operate proudly “tree-free.” This choice reduces our dependence on forest resources and significantly diminishes our carbon footprint. Compostable and derived from nature, sugarcane packaging ensures a return to the earth, fostering soil health without contributing to landfill waste.

Innovative Product Offerings
Each MileOne product reflects our commitment to eco-friendliness. From Breakfast Boxes to Ambient Snacks, we are dedicated to offering delicious, high-quality products. Our innovation extends to menu designs that embrace current consumer trends in flavours and packaging, positioning us at the industry’s forefront while upholding our environmental responsibilities.  Preventing food waste is just as important as sourcing ethically so you will notice that many of our solutions are ambient with long shelf life potential thus increasing the opportunity for consumption, lowering food waste and of course, decreasing our customers’ costs.

Global Reach, Local Impact
Our global supply chain collaborates with local suppliers to source ingredients and materials that match our eco-friendly principles. This approach guarantees that our products meet high standards of taste and quality and support local economies and ecosystems.

A Partnership for the Planet
Collaboration underpins our approach to sustainability. We are honoured to work alongside leading brands that share our vision for a greener world. Together, we are introducing sustainable catering solutions to the travel sector, affecting everything from airlines and high-speed trains to hotels. Our ongoing service partnership continuously brings forward new, planet-respecting menu ideas.

Join Us on Our Journey
We believe in collective action to protect our environment. We invite our clients, suppliers, and consumers to embrace our eco-friendly mission. Together, we can make a significant difference, ensuring a more sustainable future for everyone. Please explore the rest of our website to discover our product range and learn more about our sustainability initiatives. Let’s journey towards a future where each meal is a step closer to sustainability.