Introducing Miles Better

A leading conservationist recently said that if we could do anything at all to do our bit to help save the planet then we must simply be “less wasteful” in everything that we do…. great advice as this is something we can all do and start doing immediately. So, as a business owner, this is what we are doing…

We all know by now that we must work harder to be more sustainable, “stop being wasteful” and above all to be more conscious about our decisions and how they can impact the environment.

As a provider of on the go catering solutions to the travel sector, we are very aware that the choices we make to promote our products will directly impact the decisions our clients can make when it comes to packaging and the use of plastics, adhesives and harmful inks that they will unknowingly support if we have not first done our own due diligence to offer them the correct packaging solution.

The Miles Better brand is a seal of us having done exactly this.  The brand encompasses all that we are trying to do and striving to be when it comes to caring for our environment.  We all want to travel and we have to eat on the go so when we do, the MileOne team are ensuring that where possible all our packaging will be created from 100% Compostable materials.  These are materials that are sourced from nature and most importantly, will breakdown back into compost which will help restore our soils.  In Europe, these solutions will be marked by the EN13432 seedling accreditation.  Our inks will be water or veg based and our packaging will be adhesive free where possible and printed with less than 50% ink coverage.

We acknowledge that this is not the final solution but it is the step forward we need to take so as to challenge our suppliers and customers to provide that very best and very real natural and sustainable solution for today so we are ready for tomorrow.

As technology improves and new, food safe and sustainable packaging comes to the market, we will ensure that we will be on the frontline to be trialling this packaging to bring it to market……and in our opinion, that is Miles Better than not doing anything at all…

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