A Greener Tomorrow with Sugarcane

At MileOne Group, every product we offer comes with a commitment to sustainability, exemplified by our use of sugarcane-based boxes and bags. Choosing sugarcane over traditional materials allows us to proudly operate as a “tree-free” company, significantly reducing our environmental impact and preserving the planet’s forests. This sustainable packaging solution demonstrates our dedication to eco-conscious practices and our belief in responsible innovation.

Opting for MileOne Group’s catering solutions means embracing a future where every meal contributes positively to our world, ensuring we all enjoy a greener tomorrow.

Compostable Products

At MileOne, we are always dreaming up new and exciting compostable products that are either cost-engineered to customer demands or play off the latest consumer trends in flavours and packaging, including compostable packaging.

We currently have an exciting range of products, including a 50g ambient tomato salsa dip with Rosemary and Rock Salt Cracker pack, fresh gourmet sandwiches in compostable packaging and various ambient snack boxes suitable for hotels and airlines.

We then have our full Cabin and Tech Crew menu solution, which we recommend you contact us directly if you are interested in hearing more about this solution. Our outer crew boxes have also been moved to fully compostable product packaging made from rapidly renewable materials, telling a great environmental story to your crew.