Compostable Products

At MileOne we are always dreaming up new and exciting new compostable products that are either cost engineered to customer demands or simply playing off the latest consumer trends in flavours and packaging, including compostable packaging.

We currently have an exciting range of products including a 50g ambient tomato salsa dip with Rosemary and Rock Salt Cracker pack, fresh gourmet sandwiches in compostable packaging and various different ambient snack boxes suitable for hotels and airlines.

We then have our full Cabin and Tech Crew menu solution which we’d recommend you contact us direct about if you are interested to hear more on this solution. Our outer crew boxes have also been moved to a fully compostable product packaging material made from rapidly renewable materials telling a great environmental story to your crew.

MileOne Group fresh daily delivery services reaches to the majority of major cities across UK, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand so please contact us if you require further information.

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  • kids snack box containing ambient snacks and a toy
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  • higgidy quiche snack
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Breakfast Box – Compostable Products

MileOne Group Breakfast Boxes are the culinary result of client feedback around environmentally friendly and compostable products, current trend analysis, bespoke product sourcing and having an understanding of current food trends around the world.

We worked with several key stakeholders to develop the contents and design of these boxes, with a view to providing an easy solution to those who aren’t able to entertain a traditional breakfast for whatever reason (Early Flights, Corporate meetings, Layovers, etc).

We have both off the shelf items, or for those with a bit more flair for taking it that one step further, we can offer a complete custom designed, branded and bespoke product that our in house design team will work with you on, based on data from your business, feedback from your guests, and within the budget that you set. 2 SKUs available (Western & Asian). CLICK HERE FOR ONLINE SHOP

MileOne Breakfast Boxes are ambient in design, have a 3-month shelf life on delivery, and its contents are rotated every 6 months to keep them interesting for repeat customers. Our compostable boxes directly support local employment of people with disabilities in producing this product, which in turn assists them to develop the skills and capabilities they need to gain independence and participate in society.

Our Corporate Breakfast box is a DIY solution where we provide the component parts to allow you to assemble/personalize and store the items with up to 12 months shelf life. Custom designed bespoke options available based on volumes (please contact for a discussion)

You can find more information on our Breakfast Boxes and other products, including a fully online and automated purchase process by visiting our shop HERE

western style breakfast box containing ambient long life snacks

Western Box Contains:

  • 1 x Sticker (Unbranded)

  • 1 x Breeze Orange Juice 250mL

  • 1 x Orange and Poppyseed Duo Muffin 75g

  • 1 x Mini Munch 20g (Blueberry or Cranberry & Almond)

  • 1 x Nib Nibs Shortbread Biscuit Pack 20g.

asian style breakfast box containing snacks and beverage

Asian Box Contains:

  • 1 x Sticker (Unbranded)

  • 1 x Vita Soy Drink 250mL

  • 1 x Orange and Poppyseed Duo Muffin 75g

  • 1 x Coconut Nib Nibs Shortbread Biscuit Pack 20g

  • 1 x Green Tea Cake 30g

  • 1 x 100% premium Compostable box sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Premium Corporate Box

Our Corporate Breakfast Box is another one of our compostable products (outer box) and is the result of extensive feedback from our corporate clients, hotels and key stakeholders to develop a “premium” box offering, featuring either a 400g Hot Meal, or a Cold option including muesli, fruit, and juice. These are in a premium, recyclable kraft box made using materials from environmentally sustainable forests, with a generic designed sleeve (Custom branding is available).

We’ve partnered with Dineamic to offer stress-free meals that are beautifully balanced and convenient so you can stay healthy and do more of the things you want to do. Dineamic creates meals for athletes, using all natural locally and ethically sourced produce (like grass-fed beef from Gippsland, free-range chicken from Bendigo and vegetables from around Victoria) with less than 0.1g of salt per 100g.

With less than 4% fat across the entire range, and a range of options for all clients, whether you’re gluten free, dairy free or vegetarian, our Dineamic products aim to help and satisfy all of our customers to eat better and live better.

This box is best served for clients who don’t have time to wait for breakfast to be served, have to leave their hotel early and want something on the way to the airport and is also perfect for Corporate presentations and gatherings as a table filler.

Premium Corporate Box Contains:

  • 1 x Sleeve (Unbranded)

  • 1 x Premium recyclable box sourced from sustainably managed forests

  • 1 x Dineamic™ 400g Meal or Brookfarm Muesli 75g

  • 1 x Juice & Co 250mL

  • 1 x Seasonal Fruit (recommended for Muesli option)

  • 1 x Milk (recommended for Muesli option).

Brands we work with:

“We are very proud to be working with some of the worlds leading brands to supply not only compostable products, but innovative and custom bespoke solutions too, that includes using biodegradable, recyclable and compostable packaging, with a global supply chain that focuses on low MOQs for new and exciting ambient and fresh products your customers will love”

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