It is our customers who define the details of our services as no single solution will be the same.

Our average customer of MileOne Group is most commonly faced with one or more of the following.  If this is you then it is worth a chat:

  • 1. Need for cost savings

  • 2. Identifying new and unique food products

  • 3. Short time scales

  • 4. Small in house support teams

  • 5. Finding airline ready solutions

  • 6. Delivering across the full network

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Our Three Key Services

Local Partnership to deliver bespoke solutions within the food supply chain

Our 5 step process: 

Step 1: Listen, evaluate and understand your current situation

Step 2: Invite you to a “Show” and “Tell” presentation

Step 3: Present back bespoke concepts and ideas

Step 4: Evaluate feasibility of final operational solution and conduct product trials

Step 5: Launch service with MileOne team in situ

Food and Market trend analysis

In each local market we have a MileOne trained Procurement Specialist whose only focus is to look at food trends; identifying what’s hot and what’s not in the forever changing world of taste, packaging and brands.

Most commonly, this area would include innovative packaging designs for fresh and ovenable solutions, development of new generic brands for your products or even a local partnership with large high street brands.  It’s an exciting and creative job with excellent results and this individual will be a great asset to the partnership.

Operational excellence within the food and packaging industry

Whether it is speed to market or a thorough cost analysis of your current service, we can provide support.  In each trading country we will have a team of operational coordinators who work hard alongside the Procurement Specialist to select strong and capable certified suppliers to ensure the best solution you require is delivered.

Many of our partner suppliers already deliver daily to airports, train stations and key retailers around major cities and so in this way we can offer some ready-made solutions with full second supplier contingencies in place in order to cover every eventuality.

We also understand that no one day is the same in the travel industry so our local personalised MileOne Supply Chain Coordinator is always there to manage forecasts allowing for last minute order cancellations and amends.  Every MileOne supplier partner has full relevant minimum HACCP certifications with 3rd party audit documentation and we welcome all external customer QA visits if required.