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Welcome to our MileOne Group Online Shop. Through the below link, you can purchase items such as Western Style Breakfast Boxes, Asian Style Breakfast Boxes, Ambient Snacks, Fresh Daily Delivered Food, Beverages, Cereal Style Breakfast Boxes and much more.

Our shop is perfect for Hotels, Air BNB Hosts, Hostel Managers and any out of home travel food requirements such as Ambient Snacks or Breakfast Boxes. Some of the examples of where our products have been used include on several of Australias largest airlines, several of Australias largest hotel chains, and several Air BNB hosts. In addition to this, we are also able to fully design custom made menus to suit your business – we would absolutely encourage you to get in touch with our team so that we are able to work with you to deliver a food and beverage menu development solution that will work for you and your clients / guests. We have a team of creative and innovative thinkers who pull on their wealth of knowledge in the food and travel industry to help define, design and deliver an exciting yet operational efficient menu solution. This work relies on a strong understanding of the industry, knowing which food products are trending and what is fading fast.  In parallel, we will work in partnership with you to better understand what works best for your customers whether they are 35,000 feet in the air, travelling on high speed trains across the world or hotel hopping on business or on leisure. We pride ourselves on this ongoing partnership service proactively presenting great new ideas for menu refreshes throughout the year.  These will be designed more specifically for your own business as we grow to know you and your end consumers betters

breakfast box image containing cereal and milk and biscuits and cake inside breakfast boxes